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Cheesecake Fans

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Hah [Sep. 19th, 2004|01:06 am]
Cheesecake Fans

Well, I joined Kanes..and I must say..You are
ridicu-daaaamn-diculous..lol but i do indeed love cheesecake
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Cheesecake! [Sep. 16th, 2004|01:51 pm]
Cheesecake Fans

[mood |bouncybouncy]

I thought I'd kick this off with this delicious looking cheesecake!

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Welcome [Sep. 13th, 2004|11:41 am]
Cheesecake Fans
Welcome to Cheesecake Fans L.J Community. Inspired by Kanes_Inferno on SMGboard - even if he doesn't want to admit it. *goes off to find cheesecake*
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